Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Battle of the Bandaids

That is what my friend calls what has been going on in our household since June 30th. I was hoping August 2nd when Abigail went for her cast would mark the end. So far we have watched more Diego than I can count . . . this morning! You see I am the latest casualty in this battle. I got the cold Abigail was suffering from and the stomach virus Simon was suffering from at the same time. Well in all fairness, I was recovering from the cold before I started throwing-up.

Anyway I kinda feel that a recap is necessary.

Began the battle by falling down the steps Matrix-style and needing two teeth pulled. He did very well for a few weeks till he got an unexplained fever. That was followed the next week with a stomach virus that resulted in mess in the van on the way to Abigail's cast appointment. He was also responsible for the death of Louie, Abigail's monarch chrysalis. Meeting my mother half way to collect two more caterpillars, he got a goofy rash explained as a contact allergy by the doctor. He has been to the doctor four times unexpectedly and once for his 15 month check-up.

Entered the battle on the 13th when the picture frame fell on her head. She had many appointments in a short time, but recovered from the events pretty well. Just before Simon's stomach virus she developed a very snotty cold. She has been to the doctor 5 times and is currently sporting a purple waterproof cast for two weeks.

Now I am sick. Perhaps it is the stress. Nothing a day or two on the couch with cooperative children (they really are), Diego, and a good book won't solve.

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  1. Oh, Sarah, wish we lived close and I could help you out. Riley watched the movie "Up" today twice. Ellie is teething (at two months!!!) and with little sleep last night the TV had to be the babysitter today. I hope and pray you feel better soon.