Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's She Thinkin'?

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  1. How long am I going to be able to stand like this before these darn plastic legs of mine, that I cannot control, give way and I fall! Where is my human friend Abby, I have been waiting here for so long. I cannot open my mouth. What was Matel thinking! At least let me being able to open my mouth! Well, then I guess I'd need a brain and well...anyway. ABBY! ABBY!
    I hear something. Oh could it be Abby?! Oh no...No...NO, PLEASE don't let it be the little one they call Simon! Someone, help me! PICK me UP! Put me back in my house and for goodness sake put clothes on me!! Oh wait, they kept going. Whooh! It wasn't Simon.
    Uh oh...I hear 4 feet. No NOT GEORGE!!!
    Obviously, the one they call Sarah or mommy, thought it was fun to just take my picture instead of picking me up!
    = -)