Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Son . . .

hates it when Abigail wants to go to sleep before he does so he throws books, toys and her own water bottle at her. She punches him. (We're still trying to figure this one out.)

has a breakfast cheer, and a lunch cheer, and a dinner cheer, and a snack cheer, and a dessert cheer. He shouts yea! and does a little hopping run to his seat. Then he tries to jump into his seat.

used to take his turn saying grace--sus, cucooo, men (Jesus, Thank you, Amen). Now he just interrupts if he thinks grace has gone on too long--men. . .men. . .men!

calls things by their sound instead of their name.

makes us laugh everyday!

has brought something that only the Lord could have known we needed.

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