Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mushrooms, Ramps, and Sweet Spring Grass

I called my dad early twice. First to ask for a visit today. Second to clarify that the lasagna I would be bringing would need baking before we ate.

We went on a long walk, too long for little ones if we had known how long it would be. But we were hunting--ramps and mushrooms. Mom and Dad had a bunch left so they made a side of fried mushrooms for the lasagna, because I love fried mushrooms and they love me. Abigail cackled as she ate a ramp raw. Simon sampled one and blew raspberries at Mom while she carried him.

Abigail ran through the meadow, grass well-watered to her knees. When you breathed just right, you could smell spring and the hay-making to come.

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