Thursday, January 19, 2012

About Abigail

Ten Things
  1. Her farm is assembled on the pink insides of her sleeping bag
  2. Everything from walls to furniture to accessories should be either purple, or cheetah print (aka leopard)
  3. With a few cardboard boxes from Aldi she can create a bed and bath for her dolls
  4. Colored duct tape is valuable for decorating anything
  5. Small pieces of paper lying about re casualties in her on-going quest to build a home
  6. If it comes from a pig and has been cured, she will eat it
  7. The balance beam is her favorite exercise at gymnastics
  8. The vaulting at gymnastics can make her cry in frustration
  9. Her brother can simultaneously be her best friend and worst annoyance
  10. Her reasons for everything will be laid out in a matter-of-fact grown-up voice with authority
It is incredible that this long-legged little girl of six is the same person, who came home with us from the hospital. I am so gifted.

1 comment:

  1. She's a doll. She sounds a lot like my oldest...right down to the bacon!