Thursday, March 29, 2012

Funny Things They've Said

Abigail's Definitions
  • watcher:  babysitter
  • giveable:  contagious
  • smokers: cigarettes
And speaking of smokers.
Simon when you see those white things laying on the ground those are smokers. People put them in their mouths. But we don't. No one in our family uses smokers. Well, except Grandpa R. He puts some in his mouth. But the rest of us don't.

God is bigger than the boogy man. God is bigger than everyone one. Well, except for Miss W. (who is very tall, amazingly tall to Abigail who is born to parents on the shorter end of average).

Simon Says

Wait, Mommy, I lost my brain!
You lost your brain. How?
I opened my mouth and it fell out!
Where? as he is attempting to retrieve it.
Over there. He points behind the truck in the parking lot of a national home improvement chain store recognized by its blue letters.
OK, I'll get it after I put you in the car.
I did too. I went behind the truck and brought a handful of brain back to him. He happily popped it in his mouth with a Thank you, Mommy.

While struggling with trying to cover his legs with his shorts.
I hate you pants!

While watching an animated movie about bees.
Does bees drive cars? 
Answering his own question in aggravation, Noooo.

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