Monday, March 12, 2012

Purple Cheetah, Please

That is what she asked for as her room was nearing the point of color choice. We were still contemplating moving, so purple cheetah didn't make it on the walls. Instead a golden yellow color. Expedition Khaki the paint chip said. Their rooms would be the same color, but for the floors. His a deep brown, hers a creamy white (because honoring her quest for purple cheetah please means no brown floor) and Expedition Khaki looks like two different colors.

Lots of purple dots later

 A bed that resembles a casualty of a grape explosion, and

Furry purple underfoot, 

We have a happy girl. 

Today we added a green clock and trash can and a purple leopard print lamp. Still on the list is some pesky touch-ups (may never happen, if we're being honest), and serious toy sorting (hopefully today's task). But for now quiet play time and bedtime is in her very own space. And incidentally, his.

:: a return to normal scheduling ::
:: listening to them plan passwords for their own spaces ::
:: buying a car rug, because he needs something new for his own room ::
:: cereal for lunch (mostly normal scheduling) ::
:: crocus profusion (and plans for a post about that soon) ::
:: finding the cat in the closet before . . . ::
:: daylight evenings ::
:: anticipating new branches in my vases ::
:: Heidi is home, yes, that is what we're reading and enjoying ::
:: a whole weekend date ::

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