Monday, May 14, 2012

Finding a Way to Feel my Faith

According to the calendar, I should post today. Or write something to post later. Or to write anything at all.

I am not feeling it. I feel like a nap. I feel frustrated that the scale keeps saying the same thing. I feel like our house is never going to sell. I feel like my son will wake for a few more hours of trying my patience by aggravating or being aggravated by every other living thing, and this will go on forever.

But feelings aren't what I need right now, and these feelings certainly aren't doing me, or anyone else, any good. What I need is a reason to finish this post, exercise, start dinner and smile at those revived by sleep.

What I need is to talk myself into feeling better, to feeling like life is abundant. What I need is to feel my faith.

This is the day the Lord has made, 
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

:: girl resting still, not fighting it ::
:: boys snoring ::
:: cushions collected and piled and sat upon ::
:: superhero underwear that is all he wears ::
:: the colors she puts together ::
:: thinking about watching Chris play ball tonight (I don't think I ever have) ::
:: hoping that the game doesn't get rained out ::
:: downloaded pictures ::
:: the way my body will feel after pilates ::
:: that wiggly tooth ::
:: considering a way to stretch out the morning, alone ::
:: knowing I need sleep (now to embrace it) ::
:: the school year almost complete ::

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