Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Embracing B

Not right now.
We'll see.
Let me finish . . . .

Those were my answers. I was always busy doing something important--cleaning something, cooking something, fixing something, folding, putting away, petting, hugging something. I missed going on walks and playing games and just being.

A visiting pastor spoke about stillness. I finished Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. My husband asked me when I became a type A personality and accused me of horning in on his to-do list dictatorship. (Wherein a list becomes a dictator.)

So I decided to hang it all. We'll pick up, he can vacuum. I'll wash dishes and wipe counters because they make me smile in the morning. I'll make food. Hopefully it will be yummy 75% of the time, but I'm OK with edible.

And this is what happens.

He walked out of those boots at least five times and walked with the resulting gravel stuck to his feet in them. He also fell face first in a deep puddle narrowly missing knocking out some more teeth.

She ran and ran and splashed and laughed.

I enjoyed it all. And I felt an awful lot like my type B sorta self.

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