Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Can Be

a bit slow in the figuring out of things.

I accused my children . . . they are strange beings not liking smoothies, green or otherwise. I accused my blender . . . it isn't the fanciest of small kitchen appliances.

I didn't account for the fact that I am a hurry-er, and the fact that I am a bit impatient. Nope, I didn't think anything about my lackadaisical cooking style in blaming them for their repulsion toward smoothies.

Today, I find I was wrong. Really it make sense when you don't blend all the spinach to puree. Who really wants leaves, and chunks in their beverage. But I read about a blender that has a smoothie setting. (No, mine does not.) And I read about a high speed blender. (Still not mine.) It did occur to me, though, that maybe, just maybe, I'm not running the blender long enough.

Today, I put the whey from my yogurt making in the blender. Then I added a banana which was almost puree already. I shoved in some spinach and dumped in the thawed remainder of a bag of frozen peaches. I pushed the ice crush button and let it spin. I pushed the liquify button and let it spin some more. I saw tiny leaf pieces collecting at the top. I used a scrapper to push the leaves into the vortex of smoothie-ness. (I have been known to cut my scrapers this way, but I was full of small successes today.) It spun some more.

When I finally stopped it, I had a beautiful green smooth beverage to share with my children who like it! OK, Abigail had begun to like smoothies, but this was a like at first sip, not leaving any leftover sort of like. And Simon--he is drinking it and enjoying the process!

All for the want of enough time.

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