Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heard Here

Several things have been said recently. I want to remember them.

From Abigail on losing teeth. . .
     Why does God torment six-year olds by making them lose their teeth.
     Losing teeth is a misery. All that misery for nothing!
Incidentally she wrote a letter to the Toothfairy asking for the return of her teeth. This left with the final tooth to come out with much gnashing of teeth (I couldn't resist). Seriously though, I was worried that the neighbors my think we were beating her and I'm not one for forcing a child to lose a tooth, but this one was starting to turn black and cause her mouth to hurt and stink. The Toothfairy obliged except for the tooth lost in West Virginia, which happens to be with the WV stash of harvested Toothfairy teeth. It will take her time to find it.

Some random Abigail tid-bits. . .
     Mommy, on the way home I want to talk about war.
     I've been eaten alive!
     I've been thinking. . .
     Mrs. D. is short. I'm not making fun. It is just a statement.

Then there is Simon. Sometimes we call him Walky-Talky. I may have mentioned that already, but it seems especially applicable during this season, except when he wants something and tries to communicate his need in squeaks, mews, whimpers, and grunts. I claim Mean Mom of the Year award because I make him ask for help.

He has been known to say,
     On that side is the Cheat River and over there it joins the River. (It was not the right town, but I was impressed that he said Monongahelia.), and
     I am not precocious. (Which I actually think confirms my original statement regarding his personality. Hey, it is better than He is always talking and doing crazy stuff to drive me crazy.)
so I don't see why he can't say, Help, or Milk, or Please read this.

Simon on kicking
     I didn't kick the kitten. I was scaring her away with my foot.
     I didn't kick the dog. I was trying to pet him with my foot.


  1. Oh Sarah...
    We are having a 'Loose tooth' battle as I type! We are taking a break right now.

    My son currently has shark teeth!

    And I am laughing at Simon 'scaring' her away with his foot!

  2. I second the loosing tooth battle. I, too, earned the worst mother of the year due to the stubborn child, ahem, tooth that wouldn't cooperate. Isabel's front tooth had turned gray and her gums didn't look so hot either. Today, FINALLY!, that stinkin' tooth fell out! And it was just that, it FELL out. *sigh* This is why we have gray hairs, I'm telling' ya! ;)