Tuesday, September 4, 2012


If I had to pick a word for the extra long weekend that would be it!

We celebrated my birthday with a new-to-us easy hike at Ohiopyle. Abigail hypothesized about what could be living in each and every hole while Simon leaped from rock to rock and banged upon roots. We had our first small group meeting since the unofficial summer hiatus. Oh how nice to gather with friends.

On Saturday, we celebrated the wedding of my oldest friend (as in a friendship that has endured many years). It was beautiful and rainy, and they are so in love. My prayers go with them as well as just a twinge of envy. Am I the only one who sometimes misses that young love feeling?

Sunday we spent the day in West Virginia. Cousins played. Siblings visited. We ate and planned and looked at books. Chris and I took a walk, and the children didn't nap.

Finally, yesterday we spent the day moving slowly till Chris's parents came to visit. Then we ate and talked and they played with the children. Everyone went to bed early. Still wound the children were the last to fall asleep. Perhaps that is why they are enjoying the afternoon napping-style.

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