Thursday, October 18, 2012

About Abigail--Cheerful Obedience

My girl loves the world. She feels for those who are in need. She works hard. She likes to be doing something. Something beyond herself.

She doesn't like to be interrupted in the middle of her preferred activity--building with Legos or coloring. She wants to know what is happening and how it is to happen. She loves math, but struggles with reading. She listens to many stories and she loves the characters. She loves TV.

She does not like her chores. She stomps and flings herself onto the floor. She huffs and puffs. I hate it. It works me over when every time I ask her for something, she has an unpleasant response. She is teaching her brother the habit. And that just tips the scales well out of my manageable range.

We're trying something new:  a jar of pennies. Each time a request is met pleasantly she puts a penny in the jar. At the end of six weeks, on her birthday, she will receive a dollar for each penny to give a gift to a family in need. Currently she is perusing the Samaritan's Purse Christmas catalog.

She is excited. She wants to give something away. She hasn't flung herself onto the floor for three days!

at the buckwheat festival
For those who judge this as mean or hard-hearted, (I know you exist after the quest to own an American Girl doll of last year.) I know that we are asking her to work for a reward that she will turn around and give away. But aren't the hard won gifts, the best gifts. I just want you to know she is inspired by this. It is bringing her great joy. And when my oldest daughter has great joy, we have a more peaceful home.

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