Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Advent 2012 Waiting

It was snowing this morning. Chris started the fire in our new stove. I wrapped up in an afghan and sat close to the fire with a cup of coffee and waited for the sun to rise. God and I just waiting. He to say the word; I to see the show.

I read from John 1 today. God spoke this all into existence! and He keeps making it all happen. He speaks to the sun to telling it to rise and He has the snow stored in His own secret warehouses. He is our life and His life is light.

 It is a special morning when I just sit and wait till I feel released to read or write or even pray. More often than not I'm up and reading or moving or writing. Recently, I've been feeling distant, like I can't see Him or myself. I haven't been waiting, sitting and waiting, to see Him.

John says that even His own didn't recognize Him. They were waiting, for years and years they waited. And when He came they didn't see Him. Was it because they were looking too closely at their circumstances, a province of Rome rather than a sovereign nation? Was it because they were hoping for something less then He promised them? Was it because they had started working so hard to please Him that they forgot to leave room for Him? Was it because their to-do lists so puffed them up they forgot their need, or so distracted them they forgot He was coming?

More often than not, my answer to the question of Why? is Yes to all of the above. 

For all the arguments about Christmas--the date, the necessity, the cultural change in priorities--the celebration of Advent reminds us to wait, to hope, to remember that He has come already and celebrate His salvation, and to be reminded that He is coming again to set all things right. In all those preparations I will engage in this season--the gifting, the decorating, the parties--I pray that I will not forget

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