Friday, February 23, 2007

36 Things to Do with a Sick Kid

Beginning Sunday, Abigail has had so kind of stomach virus. Well Sunday through Tuesday it was a stomach thing. Then it moved to an intestine thing, and as of right now seems to have no intention of moving. So I have compiled a list of things to do with a sick kid.
  1. Wash pukey clothes.
  2. Cancel Sunday plans. You know the ones we were running late for anyway.
  3. Sit in the green chair listening to music.
  4. Add a nap where one doesn't belong.
  5. Buy grape pedialyte.
  6. Find out Abigail refuses to drink grape pedialyte.
  7. Watch TV together.
  8. Get your hopes up that nothing else is happening.
  9. Finish your tax returns during nap times (did you see the s on the end of time!)
  10. Sit on the couch and watch TV.
  11. 24 hours with no incidents, maybe milk won't be that bad. She hasn't drunk anything all day.
  12. Clean up the diarrhea that exploded all over Abigail's room.
  13. Do laundry.
  14. Make Chris feel guilty for not being home to help.
  15. Give Abigail a bath so she can throw-up fifteen minutes later.
  16. Do laundry
  17. Call your neighbor to watch Abigail nap so you can get jello, saltines, and unflavored pedialyte.
  18. Catch the virus yourself. Feel like dying.
  19. Give up plans for Wednesday.
  20. Lie on the couch. Watch TV.
  21. Recover.
  22. Begin cleaning up disgusting diapers!
  23. Count the hours between blow-outs.
  24. Disinfect the downstairs.
  25. Try to nap when Abigail naps.
  26. Do laundry.
  27. Go grocery shopping alone.
  28. Give up plans for Friday and Saturday. Hold out hope for Sunday.
  29. Be incredibly patient and kind to the grocery store employees because you are finally out of the house. (Not that I am usually mean, but I bordered on giddy.)
  30. Watch TV.
  31. Count the hours between disgusting diapers.
  32. Start the cleaning process for the bedrooms.
  33. Clean up disgusting diaper.
  34. Stop before disinfecting. What's the point?
  35. Nap on the couch with Abigail.
  36. Watch Abigail chew on her fingers.

Maybe the stomach thing is over and teething is the cause. Dare I hope?! She is behaving normally and eating pretty well. Something solid tomorrow, please.


  1. After reading all that I think you can add at least one word to your list that you've learned from Abigail. Like 'disinfectant' for example! : )

    So sorry to hear that you've had a disgustingly long week. In the end who cares why she was sick.....just let it be over with and never return again! : )

  2. Add have carpets cleaned to that list and you have my week a week ago. I feel kinda bad because I bet we gave it to her :( I really am sorry. And I smell. . . I mean feel your pain.