Friday, February 9, 2007


I admire Abigail because she is completely comfortable in who she is. On one trip to see family we were talking about how babies can be completely occupied with one toy for hours. Actually it doesn't have to be a toy, except that everything is a toy to Abigail. As the conversation went on, someone observed that there were a bunch of adults sitting around watching Abigail facinated. She was moving pillows around. She was unaware of being watched; she thought nothing of what she looked like. (She is the cutest.) She was completely content in her own skin, not hoping for another body. Yet she was captivating.

I am reading a book, Captivating, it is about the hearts of women. In it the authors talk about the question of a womans heart. Am I captivating? The answer of course is yes. God is captivating and I am created in God's image, so yes, I am captivating. But I get caught up in baby weight, and limp hair, and wearing glasses, and all sorts of things. I forget Abigail's lesson. I strive to be beautiful without being comfortable in my own skin, and that doesn't work.


  1. I think you are captivating!! Truly! I love to hear your take on things and I see your beauty inside and out!

    Wouldn't it be great to be little again, though, and not care what it is that we are wearing (whether or not it matches or fits the way it should)?? Oh to be 2 again! :)

  2. Hi Sarah, It's Tara (don't have an account to log in with). Just wanted to say..... your blog reads JUST like a women's devotional (which is a very good thing and I enjoy it immensely!!) When are you going to publish??

    Miss you!