Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

We woke up with even more snow today, so our big Valentine's day event was a quick run to Target for Desitin. At the rate we are going, Abigail will never be able to go outside to play again. Every time I think there may be a warm up to melt some of the snow--just enough for Abigail to walk in it, or even enough to make it safe for stroller, dog, and I to walk--we get another lake effect band. Alas, we just keep shovelling.

But the Target trip was precious. I thought, "I need only one thing. There is no need for a cart." Little did I know of the selection of diaper rash ointments and since I am cheap, I have no brand loyalty so I finally had to put Abigail down to roam the aisle. Amazingly she stayed in the aisle, didn't remove anything from the shelves she could reach, and came to me when I asked her to. No running away today! If that wasn't enough, I thought I would see if she would walk with me. (For some reason in the store she becomes heavier.) And she did!! She held two of my fingers in her little hand and walked with me all the way to the checkout counter. Then she waited patiently at the counter for our purchase to be made and was ready to walk beside me to the van. What a Valentine's Day gift for me!


  1. How cute Abby is in her Valentine Outfit!!!

  2. You are right, what Abby did for you today WAS a gift! What a good little shopper she was today, that's awesome! Maybe it'll be a trend for her??? We can only hope, yes?! :)

    Whoo-hoo!!!! I booked my tickets, I'm coming at the end of May! Can't wait to see you.....sure hope your gonna be around that weekend!