Wednesday, March 14, 2007

70 Degrees

Though it promises to be short lived the temperature was 70 for part of the day. Abigail and I were invited to the beach to play with some friends and give me some much needed adult time. It was so much fun. At the end of last season's beach days, Abigail did not care so much for the beach. The water was scary, the sand odd, and the play structures out of her league. But yesterday she made herself right at home. I wish I had remembered the camera so all you you could see her.
After that a nap was needed of course. Then standing at the door and watching the dog was a necessity. Poor Tippy was so confused; she just wanted petted. When Chris got home from work a walk was in order. So much so that Abigail got impatient and tried to put her own shoes.
We came back for dinner and a bath. Then some more outside time. I thought Abigail would just play around the yard, talk to and try to pet the dog. But she heard other kids at the park, so pjs and all she was going to the park. Oh for a fence! The park equipment is years too big for her but she did get some slide and merry-go-round time, and we walked a loop around the park. I love the feel of her little hand holding on to my finger. I just want to forever capture that feeling.
A really good day. No a wonderful day.

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  1. A beach day! Yeah for all of you in St. Joe!!! We went to a beach on Sunday. I was thinking about how convenient the beaches in St. Joe are. The beaches here are popular, and finding a good parking spot is rare. I doubt there are beaches here that are known only to locals.

    Anyway, hooray that you had great weather and a great day outside. Sounds like you will have a fabulous summer this year with Abby!