Wednesday, March 28, 2007

God's Good Touch

About a month ago we went to visit family. We were planning a trip, but it was moved a little because my grandfather died. A month ago, so much for day to day reporting on my part, I know, but I really must brag on Abigail for the weekend. And since she is tearing apart a cat tail (they are really all fuzz) now. I think past achievements should be noted and are definitely due her.
Except for the reason for the travel, this was the best trip we have ever made with Abigail. She slept on the trip in and she was patient in the car when she was awake. Until we were got to Indiana on the way back there was little fussing. Once we got to Indiana though, she insisted on being entertained. So she ate. She actually ate more in that weekend than I think she normally does in a week. Then because I was reading she should read. Then she should be read to and then she should be sung to. Finally, Chris opted for the fussing to the singing.
But she was friendly to everyone. Usually she picks on half of the trip to be pleasant and the next half to cling. But not this trip. She talked to everyone and asked to be held be every grandparent and aunt and uncle present.
She was a good sport for the many hours at the funeral home. She was a pleasant and welcome distraction for everyone especially her cousins. Well except when she figured out how to turn the TV on and off and change the channels. She sat patiently through a funeral munching 'Nilla Wafers. Eight of them in 20 minutes. Hey, she was quiet. She walked on the table for her cousins and played the piano with them during the meal. She did a great job.
And she ate! She wouldn't stop eating. Ham and mashed potatoes, and crackers, and turkey, and cheese, and apples, and yogurt, and ham and ham and ham, and cereal and fruit. It was as if I never feed her.
You know, I was dreading the whole trip. Saying so long to my grandfather was going to be hard enough but trying to contain an active toddler while doing so bordered on impossible in my mind. But God was there. He was there in Abigail's pleasant attitude no matter how many strangers were around her. He was there in the moments at the Opels when we could rest and Abigail napped. He was there at the Joneses when we didn't have any place to go. He was in my mom's admonition that Abigail was not to cry at the funeral home. (She was to be left to her own devices and to be entertained and entertainment.) He was there reminding us that a little bit of Grandpa was given to all of us and that some part of his legacy is still alive and well in his grandchildren and now great-grandchild.


  1. I'm glad that Abigail did so well on your trip. God's greatness is revealed in times such as these, yes?

    I look forward to your 'future' posts that you've eluded to on the side bar of your blog! No pressure now, but I'm waiting! :)

    Miss you too! (see you in 8.5 weeks!)

  2. I love your count down. I am so excited! To see you and for the WHOLE night and DAY away.

  3. Sarah,

    I am so proud of you. The blogs you have written for Daddy is so important to me. I can't see to write to much. The tears are dripping onto my shirt. We will see you tomorrow about 7:00pm. I'm not sure about dinner. We will probably call when we get near to your house.

    Love Mom