Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grandpa Liston

Yesterday got me thinking about him and my friend Deanne reminded me that I do have a list of future posts to keep up on. (It's just that life keeps happening before I can get all the interesting things documented.) Anyway, I just wanted to share a thought, really an incident, and a learning.

The last time we visited when he was alive, Abigail was sick. A fever of 102 -105, trips to the doctor and one to the emergency room. No one could find anything wrong but she was crabby and clingy. I even have a picture of the two of us that will NEVER be posted. But, Grandpa Liston was staying with my mom, and he quite enjoyed the attention of everyone. As anyone can imagine having someone live with you can be aggravating, but Grandpa was a gentleman. He could say things in such a way that taking care of his request became at the least not a chore and sometimes a pleasure.

But Abigail was sick, and demanding and quite unfriendly. And Grandpa couldn't hear. So they were never really able to connect. That is actually kind--they really ignored each other's requests for attention. And in the end became somewhat impatient with each other. (Admittedly I too became impatient with everyone!) I think I knew his frustration was only at the situation and that he was pleased with his great-granddaughter, I didn't feel that way when we left. I was so looking forward to the next trip in to see everyone, but the next trip was for his funeral.

Oh, but, what I learned. Grandpa had gone to stay with my aunt and her family (three teen and pre-teen boys). What fun they all had and what mischief Grandpa was able to achieve! But I heard through them what I would have only seen through Grandpa's actions yeard down the road. He was proud of Abigail and he loved her. "Sharpy" was his name for her.

If Grandpa were still living and Thanksgiving had been delightful, Sharpy would be an intersting name for her. A side note in her life. But the story surrounding the nickname makes it terribly precious. How do you express the love someone one has for another when the love is expressed in a nickname?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry that the last time you had with him wasn't the best of times, but at least you know that the next time you see him it WILL be the best of times! :)