Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Abigail has a new favorite word, "No." She uses it with abandon.

Do you want some milk? No.
Are you ready for your bath? No.
Do you see those cars? (which she just pointed out) No.
Would you like me to hold you? No.
Do you want to see the dog? No.
Can I give you some water? No.
Are you all done? No.

All LIES!!! All yeses disguised as nos.
But she is just so darn cute about it. She sticks her little lips out to form a perfect little circle and out it comes, "Nooooo." Sweet and gentle. And innocent.
We do have nos that mean no. They are usually screeched out and followed closely by an arched back and fall to the floor.
Did you enjoy the post? Noooooo.

1 comment:

  1. I'm laughing!!! This is sooo true! Unfortunately for us, Issy means it when she says it. She is an onry little one, just like Mae was! Isabel says, or screams her word of choice then sticks out her little bottom lip and pouts. In some cases it's cute, others not so much. Oh the joy of toddlerhood.