Friday, April 27, 2007

The Answer Is Worship

I was reminded today by a lady's testimony that the answer is worship. I make things so very difficult. I am a feeler, I'm not sure that is a real word, but I remain a feeler. There is such a connection between the heart and mind and faith. I have a very emotive faith; it originates in my heart. I struggle with apologetics. My sweetheart is not a feeler. His faith originates in his head. He loves apologetics. Some days I wish I had his kind of faith--I could just tell my heart what was what, and it would listen. Of course, one day I told him that and he was dumbfounded; it is easier for me to have relationship. When I think about things like this I am reminded that indeed we are created for a purpose no one else can fill. Chris and I are indeed meant for one another.
What a prologue to my intended post! Yesterday's post was where I was feeling and the way I feel about things so often controls my days. I know facts about the Lord, about the world, about myself but what I feel about those things dictates how I relate to those facts. And, my heart is stubborn, no amount of speaking truth from my mind can change the way my heart feels and therefore how I relate to everything around me. (To everyone close to me: I am sorry for this is true also of my relationships with you and every other person on this planet.)
So today, I begin discouraged. Not as discouraged as yesterday, but discouraged nonetheless. And I go to Friday Morning Ladies' Bible Study where my friend gave her testimony. She played the piano for us as her worship for what the Lord has done for her. And, though I can NOT sing, I let my heart sing the songs she played. And I was encouraged, the cloud around my stubborn heart lifted.
No amount of truth was going to change my heart because the way I relate to the truth starts in my heart. But to allow my heart to respond with Holy, Holy, Holy Just As I Am paved the way for God to speak his heart to my heart in the midst of discouragement. The answer is worship.

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  1. So glad to hear that you received some encouragement from the Lord today in the form of worshiping Him!

    I think I am more along the lines of being a thinker and not so much a feeler (I think) haha I wish though at times I was more of a feeler. It's funny you should write about this today, for I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've not come to any resolution though. There are certainly pluses and minuses for both sides.

    I sooo miss Friday morning bible study with you all! I miss the testimonies a lot! I was thinking about that this past week as well when I was at my Tuesday night bible study, wishing we had testimonies. But I need to remind myself that I have to be content where the Lord has me.

    Have a blessed weekend Sarah. See you in 29 days! :)