Tuesday, May 8, 2007

TV Fast

TV is an escape from reality. TV is an escape from boredom. TV is an escape from responsibility. TV places no demands on us.

When Abigail was smaller and less mobile, I developed the habit of having the TV on during the day. It was background noise. I didn't feel quite so lonely. But the TV was on all day long. That is a lot of noise and a lot of distraction. How was I to ever hear anything? How were relationships to be built?

I began to feel convicted about the amount of TV I was watching. Abigail was getting older and more aware and though what I was watching wasn't horrible, it was still entering Abigail's mind. And she didn't have the playmate or mother she should have.

So a few months ago I did an experiment: a TV fast. I would not turn the TV on till Chris got home from work. Talk about reasons to escape. They just started to pile up. Abigail was fussy and Abigail was needy. I kept getting more and more tired and bored and frustrated. Day 1 was long. Day 2 required prayer! Lots of prayer. Then things started getting easier. And now a little TV during the day can be too noisy.

Our home is quieter. Sure the TV comes on during the day sometimes. And yes the TV still comes on after Chris gets home. The radio gets more use. But the peace and the play and the books that get read. I'm still not the perfect mother or playmate, I never will be. But now I can hear my own thoughts and Abigail's life isn't slipping by in a haze of prime-time sitcom re-runs on TBS. All in all I am so thankful I listened to that small voice telling my heart there was something better ahead.

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  1. That is a good idea. I could apply the fast to the computer, but I really do think I would shrivel up and die! :)