Friday, May 11, 2007

Laundry Digging

I just finished digging in the dirty laundry for a long-sleeved shirt. The temperature is dropping and if I step foot upstairs, Abigail is likely to wake up. Besides this shirt came off the pile of Chris's work clothes: the one's I laundered and ironed and he left lying over the bench in our room. Those shirts. I am laundering them because it is easier to hang them up out of the dryer mostly wrinkle free than it is to re-iron them.

I have also dug through clean laundry for my outfit today. Folded for my capris. And fresh out of the dryer for my first shirt and again for my second shirt of the day. Abigail cannot be blamed for the two shirt morning. "New Dog" must be blamed.

You see, last night a young dog followed us home. Our street is very busy and after watching her come close to dog-pancake twice after attempting to cross, we locked her in our yard. She runs free in the yard to the dismay and torment of our dog, Tippy. Currently I have asked everyone I see in our neighborhood if she belongs to them. I made posters and was going to put them up while walking with New Dog and Abigail.

I hoped she would walk with us and find her way home. Instead she tormented a lady walking 2 schnauzers, and what I interpreted as ran away from me. Abigail and I walk home only to have a kind man in a van lead New Dog back to our yard. He thought she was mine. She is NOT and she will NOT be our dog. I called the Humane Society to report her found. Apparently no one has reported her missing. All this before 9:30 A.M.

How unfortunate! I fear she has adopted us and the longer she is here the more we will adopt her. NO MORE PETS IN OUR POSSESSION!

Oh she is responsible for the shirt change because she jumped on me with her too-big-for-her-body-puppy paws.

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  1. Oh no! Not another one!!! Sorry to hear about the newest animal in your household. Hopefully someone will claim her soon or maybe you'll have to walk New Dog at night then run run run back home while she's distracted! Could work. :)