Sunday, June 3, 2007

One Cause

Previously, I wrote about our desire to adopt. We are still praying about the where to adopt from and are saving for the expense involved in the process. Homestudies, visas, social services, agency and country fees all require outputs of cash. We are attempting to be creative in our own spending and saving.

In my research, I found an interesting website, or rather shopping opportunity. One Cause is a shopping site in which the merchants donate a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choice. They have partnered with the National Adoption Foundation which provides grants to adoptive parents. When you begin your shopping at One Cause, the merchant will donate to the NAF who will place 50% of that donation into a fund for our adoption.

So how can you help. You can shop for our second child! If you register and use One Cause you can designate that the merchants donation go into a fund for our adoption. When you register you will see a field called "Benefitting," type in my email address ( Then start shopping.

I'm not asking that you go into debt for us, but on the purchases you were planning, I would appreciate if you would check out this site.

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