Friday, June 1, 2007


So the family went to the drive-in Sunday night. (I know I wasn't planning to go again, but Abigail is at least content when watching. And Sunday she was asleep by 10 right after the movie started.) We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean number 3.

I really enjoy the movies, but I have a serious beef with the movies, too. Jack Sparrow though a fun character to watch is NOT a hero. Everywhere I go Pirates paraphernalia fills aisles. Featured prominently is Jack Sparrow, hero. I just want to shout, "NOT A HERO!" so I share my complaint with you all. I thought about listing all the reasons Jack is not a hero, but if you see the movies, you can see why. And if you don't see the movies, you don't care.

I love the movies (hence, drive-in with a toddler), and can't wait till Abigail is old enough to watch them and talk about heroes and right and wrong. I think there are many good illustrations hidden in the story. Chris thinks I think too much and he is probably right. But, I think good stories, well-written and well-told, hold some of the Truth, even if unintentionally. It has something to do with the God-sized void in each of us. But I think to make the stories worth listen to is uncovering the Truth held therein.


  1. I agree. Our society is messed up and does not truly understand what a hero is. If someone can play a sport and get paid millions then they are raised to hero status. Ridiculous!

    On another note....It was so good to see you last weekend. I miss you! My time was too short. I could have stayed a whole week and still not had enough time with you!

  2. Hi Sarah. I have nothing much to say except that I finally got the address for your blog, and I'm glad to see that you and the family are doing well. Say hi to Chris for me.