Friday, August 31, 2007

Counting Birthday Blessings

I just got an email from a friend wishing me a happy birthday and hoping that the current upheaval was not dampening the day. Unfortunately for me, I have allowed the adventure preparation squash the celebration of God's amazing work in my past and the adventure He is planning for my future.
Abigail was up at 7:00 this morning. We rescued her from her confinement to try to steal a few more minutes of rest with her in our bed. One would think that after 21 months of failure we would learn, but apparently a little butt on my head isn't clue enough that rest is not coming. Chris and Abigail had a little conversation:

Chris: Abby say "Happy".
Abigail: Habby.
Chris: Birthday.
Abigail: Brdy
Chris: Mommy
Abigail: (with the flourish of knowing she can say this word) Mommy!

And I realized that in these 30 years the greatest gifts given to me did not come on my birthday but on the birthdays of so many of the people I love and am loved by. It is a joyful day indeed.


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and a great time with your family and friends! (wish I were there!!!) **hugs**

  2. Thought I would check in - I see that you're moving! Congrats!
    When we moved we found that we have way too much stuff and still have boxes left unpacked after 8 months. At least we found out what we really needed, and what we don't.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday!