Friday, August 31, 2007

In Hiding

We're moving, as I have said before.

We are not the most organized people. In fact, my husband's philosophy goes something like this: Everything I own should exist in a series of piles I can constantly see. I believe that there should be areas of peace and areas of clutter. I am OK with a certain level of dishevelment. He exists in dishevelment. We had reached a quiet compromise. He could have his piles in certain areas (not the mantle or the living room floor) like the half of the dining room table we don't use or the table behind the couch. If his piles migrated I could put them in a designated spot; the former TV cabinet, or a drawer in the dresser turned sideboard. It worked for us.

Then it happened; our house was listed and we needed to live in a magazine. I have decided that people don't really live there in that state. This means that Chris's philosophy is impossible to keep, at all. And as much as he really tries, and he does, inevitably something is left out in a pile for him to be able to see. Even my philosophy is tried as areas of clutter can't even exist. And the compromise, well, it doesn't work either. You see, in staging our house all of the designated space for errant piles was consumed so now there is no agreed upon hiding spaces forgotten piles.

This is why today we spent an incredible amount of time looking for the drill, extension cord, and drill bits. Before our house hunting trip, Chris had finished putting in the last trim piece under a door. And he left the drill, extension cord, and drill bits in the dining room, on the floor. So Wednesday when I was getting the house ready for potential-we're-away shows and packing, I came across this pile and needed a place for it. As I already mentioned the normal, agreed-upon hiding places were full so I put it in the large skillet/angel food cake pan cabinet. I can't imagine why, a week later it took us looking on and off for a few hours to find the stuff.

Only one example of moving turmoil related to hiding our stuff. No wonder I feel unsettled. And worried: can I really create a peaceful, comfortable resting spot for my family in a rental house?

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  1. There may also some things that you don't find until you are moved and are unpacking. There will also be things you will come across that you forgot you had (or didn't even know you had)!!! :)

    Happy packing/moving/unpacking!