Friday, August 3, 2007

The Irony

Yesterday, I wanted to take a nap. I painted wainscoating while Abigail was napping and had the beginnings of a headache. I niavely thought "Daddy is home. The chicken is baking. I have 15 minutes." Abigail was thrilled to be sitting in her daddy's lap listening to him read books.

It started so wonderfully.

Squirming came next

The nap ends.

"Abby, did you take a nap today."

"Mm." with affirmative head shake.

"Well now Mommy needs to take a nap. Please go read a book with Daddy."

"Ummmm, . . .no."

At bedtime, the child so very anxious for "Nite, nite," with Mommy screamed in outrage at being asked to do something so intolerable as sleep.

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  1. Naps, glorious naps! Too bad children don't understand this concept!

    Last night I had Isabel sleep in the crib (same room as Mae), she usually starts out in the pack-n-play in our room at night then we transfer her to the crib when we go to bed--the girls have a hard time going to sleep in the same room at the same time. So, in hopes that they can learn before Isabel moves to a toddler bed, I had them start the night together. So far, so good. All went well. We'll see how it goes tonight! :)