Friday, August 3, 2007


Abigail is on a quest. Her goal is to snap every one of the belts on all the belted baby contraptions.

Stroller 1--successful.
Stroller 2--successful.
Car Seat--successful.
(*when placed in said contraption by parents.)

This morning the quest became more involved. Could she snap the belt on the highchair without Mom's help to get to said belt? Not from the floor. After stomping and yelling in frustration, a plan was formed.

Step 1--Scale the highchair
Step 2--Gather the belt parts
Step 3--Adjust to optimal position
Step 4--Snap Belt
Step 5--Stand and yell, "Momma, down peas."
Mission Accomplished


  1. Isabel is in that phase too, and I remember Mae and Caleb (aka Maeleb) doing those things at this age as well. When we were camping last week, Ryan took out the car seats so bears wouldn't break into the truck to go after the car seats were sitting outside on the ground and Issy could often be found buckling all the buckles!

  2. Ask Mom if this looks familiar.

    Guess who