Friday, November 9, 2007

Sticker Books

We've been here for just under two months. And I am lonely. No, I am not unhappy. Yes, I believe this is where we should be, and I am glad to be here. But I am lonely. I am not the best of friend-makers. I don't initiate well, and I am not a big call-er. So I am a little lonely.

Yesterday, I was praying about this. Being very specific, asking for just one good friend here in Pennsylvania, asking for the boldness and perseverance to do what was necessary for that one good friend, and the patience to wait for whoever God has.

Yesterday, after my prayer time, as Abigail and I were doing dishes, (OK, I was washing and rinsing and putting in the strainer, and Abigail was playing in the rinse water.) the doorbell rings, "Great," I think, "probably the Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't want to talk to anyone." So much for being open to answered prayers, hunh?

Drying my hands and hoping Abigail is following me, I walked to the door. My neighbor greeted me with a little sticker book for Abigail. She saw it at the store and thought of Abigail and she bought it for her. Making it even more special is the knowledge that my neighbor is well into retirement, living on a fixed income, and caring for her ailing husband. And she still thought of Abigail when she saw the sticker book.

My neighbor bought Abigail a sticker book. My God gave me a sticker book, the promise of His nearness, His love, and His provision.


  1. I've been saying the same prayer - asking for friends here in Martinsville.
    Maybe I should try praying for just one??
    Glad to hear God felt the need to answer your prayer so quickly!

  2. I feel the same way Sarah, at peace about where I am despite my loneliness. I'm still praying for friends and I am slowly seeing the answered prayer take form. I am thankful for this painful process (I can't believe I'm saying this!!!) I'll pray along with you, that the Lord will provide at least one great friend, and that you'll continue see the growing answer. :)

  3. That story really brought a smile to my face. What a sweet lady that must be! Maybe God knew you would need eachother...