Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

I know I am late but I found myself with something to say as I was going over my day in the shower this evening.

Today, Abigail, a neighbor, and I went to the Veterans Day parade. It was a short parade both in length and in numbers of participants. It was a small crowd so everyone had a good view of those marching. The bands played patriotic songs and the members of area American Legions, and VFWs and other veteran organizations marched in the parade. They were greeted with applause as they went. As should be men and women who sacrifice for others.

As I watched these men, primarily, march passed us, I saw some who wore their uniforms with great pride walking tall and strong. I saw some who marched proudly but with physical difficulty whether from their military experiences or from age I cannot say. And I saw those marching who appeared to have donned a heavy burden this morning as they dressed for their part in the celebrations.

And I am left to wonder what goes through the mind and heart of these men and women when they put on the uniform, these who have seen great combat, vast violence. I wonder if while we are applauding them they are reliving the moments they spent in horror. I wonder if they are missing their fallen, or lost, commrades. I wonder if they are mourning the changes war wrought on their lives. I wonder if the uniforms they are marching in today are so much heavier for the memories than they were when first worn by young men.

It makes me think about the men and women in war today. Their lives altered in a way I can only wonder at. Their hopes and dreams forever changed in the wake of war. My impact on their lives can be little. But I can pray for their safety and their protection. I can pray for a touch from the Lord on their precious lives. I can ask that He heal the physical wounds of war and that He will bind up the brokenhearted and release the captives. I can pray He can make the uniforms light again in His great love and healing hands for these men and women who have sacrificed so much, both young and old.

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  1. That is a beautiful prayer. It is true, the young men are so much more vibrant in their uniforms than those who are older, and have lived through more.
    Kevin loves being a soldier. He probably should have never left the Marines, it is who he is, and I'm afraid who he always will be. He is proud in his uniform, proud to serve his country. And I am proud of him :)