Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Breakfast Guests

For a while now we have had various characters join us for meals. The horse came once. A doll had breakfast with us a few times. My collection of Santas spent a few meals over a few days with us. Occasionally it is been members of the Nativity. Yesterday, it was the farm animals from "Farmer Jed's" farm. This morning it was the barnyard animals given to her by her uncle for Christmas last night. All six of them.

But this morning was different. While I was making the oatmeal, Abigail was getting them ready for breakfast. They all gathered in a circle to "Pray Jesus." Because that is what we do, "Pray Jesus first." Then she brought them to the table and arranged them around her bowl. I thought better of that visions of oatmeal covered plastic livestock stampeding before me. So they got their own bowl with raisins and nuts in it.

Perhaps I am encouraging this trend. But I just want my child to eat.

Yet there are still two bowls on the kitchen table. One with nuts and raisins (plastic livestock don't eat) and one with oatmeal.


  1. So what you're saying is that ALL the little animals are not eating?! :) Yeah, mine too. Issy eats so little at meal times. It's a toddler thing.

  2. Hunter and Gwen barely eat anything. Lex eats more than they do :)

  3. thanks for the card sarah! great job; that pix is priceless.