Monday, December 17, 2007


The mother of a two year old should not wait a week and a half before doing laundry. In my desire to complete a gift, I neglected laundry last week. Today was the day to catch up.

So I gather the laundry from the bedrooms, the bathroom, and the kitchen.

I take the three heaping baskets of laundry to the basement to find more laundry pitched to the bottom of the stairs.

I start sorting. Underwear, sweaters, dress clothes, jeans, tee-shirts, towels, blankets, rugs. And the special pile of Abigail's clothes that need checked for stains. I sort and sort and sort.

I start that load of rugs and I stain fight. Check shirt, squirt, squirt, squirt. One more for extra measure. Check next shirt, squirt, squirt, squirt. How can one little girl have so many shirts covered with so much stuff!

Stain fighting finished. Freedom. (Well, at least till that load is finished washing.)

Ready to walk upstairs. My tea and blog and Bible are calling.

Walking by the drier. No it can't be--sheets and towels and blankets are in there. To make any time at all, they need folded BEFORE the rugs are finished. Put the tea and blog and Bible on hold.

There is a word for someone who leaves sheets and towels and blankets in the drier for a week and a half. There is a word for someone who well intentioned enough puts laundry on hold for crochetting Christmas gifts. Single-mindedly Stupid.

OK that is two words.


  1. Hey......I vote for crocheting over laudry any day. How's it going? Cindy Q.

  2. Ha!
    I am currently running through a marathon of about TWELVE loads of laundry. And none of it folded and put away yet. Instead, it is sitting in Lex's room while the washer and dryer run constantly. Folding and putting away is for Friday. It never ends!!!!