Thursday, December 13, 2007

Impressed and A Little Scared

Chris has my Christmas gift all picked out. He didn't ask for any ideas. He just said he knew what he was getting me.

This from the same man who got me a shirt for one Christmas that was FOUR sizes too large. And the following year, a book with "Idiot" in the title. He has also been known to give me floormats and a tank of gas for my car. In more recent history he has requested a detailed list. Until now. With his history I am both impressed that he will try again and yet still scared. I think I have reason.

It is on Ebay being watched for the next few days. Do you know the temptation? Just a few clicks and I would know. But I refrain, and become ever more curious and excited at the prospect of a gift thoughtfully chosen without prodding. What a great guy!

And now to honor my husband's Christmas shopping courage, I give you YouTube.


  1. I think I'd be a little concerned too. With his track record there is certainly cause for it! :) For your sake (and Chris's) I hope he's getting you something awesome!---be sure to let us know what it is!!!!

    We LOVE that video! In fact, we've been watching another YouTube version for couple weeks now. You beat me to posting it! That's ok, we have another Wierd Al video that we've been watching, so I'll just have to post that one instead. :)

  2. I hope you get something great!
    I'm a bit worried - too. I saw where Kevin went to Best Buy and bought something. What do I want from Best Buy? I asked for a flash for my camera, but I know that's not what he got. The suspense is terrible!!