Friday, February 1, 2008

Kitchen Clean-Up

The Organizing Junkie a plan to help us get organized. Take a room a month and organize some aspect of it. This month it is the kitchen. Overall I am happy with the placement of my stuff in this rental house kitchen. (Read: Hopefully we won't be here too long and I am not willing to do anything requiring too much effort to change what I am not happy with.) The one exception is the porch converted to kitchen.

Seriously the oven and pantry is in what was once a porch. Other than the fact that no oven should be separated from the rest of the kitchen by a wall. I haven't found a good system for organizing the cabinets that count as pantry space.

So here are a few pictures today. Notice the boxes sitting in front of the door. By the end of February, I want to have those boxes cleaned out and the stuff in the cabinets organized so that when my mom brings me for home-canned goodies, they don't sit in a box in the way.

If you are wondering how this makes me more like the holly I am aspiring to be, I have it figured out. First that holly is quite structured and in its structure it becomes welcoming. I, on the other hand, have boxes of canned goods and good dishes sitting in my pantry/closed porch/kitchen. When I have random boxes of stuff without a home, I am less than welcoming to those around me. What about you? How are you becoming more like the holly or the birds?

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