Friday, February 29, 2008

That Kitchen

I told you all a while ago that I was organizing my closed porch/kitchen/pantry/entry. Complete with before pictures. Well, I did it. The dishes were arranged and the cookbook mess irradicated. Room was created for all the boxes of goods my mom brings. A box was filled with items for charity. I should have taken a picture then, because. . .

Since then I went organizing crazy trying to find my sweeper bags, but never did and had real issues with my vacuum cleaner. Suffice to say the cleared and beautified counter space now hold the new purged items waiting for the picture to document their purging. (Proof of their condition for taxes next year.) In addition and because we don't have a garage, the kitchen has gained functionality as a parts restoration area.

The current project is the thorough cleaning of valve covers from a Ford engine that Chris bought off of eBay. The dirt stayed in the basement, or rather was washed down the laundry tub drain (maybe that was the cause of the trip to Lowes before any more laundry could be done.) The kitchen sink is being used for the finer work of filing and sanding the dirt and corrosion off of every surface of each valve cover. Chris has been at it a while.

Because of the new function of the kitchen sink, the kitchen/pantry/entry/closed porch area has acquired new things to store. Namely, the old, dirty, and corroded valve covers and the cleaning paraphernalia that goes with such a project. That includes various files, all sorts of sandpaper in a multitude of grits, and a dremel. And for comparison purposes another pair of valve covers bought new from eBay.

Where, you ask, does all of this new stuff find itself. Well, I answer, that is simple. The four valve covers sit in the window sills. The files and sandpaper go in an empty flowerpot, supposedly, and the then full flowerpot sits on the microwave, supposedly. (Usually the sandpaper dries on the sink and the flowerpot and files sit on the counter. Why would I ever want to go out to eat?!) And the dremel--I dream of the day it returns to the basement.

All that to say, there are no after photos of a beautifully organized entry/kitchen/pantry/closed porch area. But when my mom comes to visit this weekend and brings a box of goodies (I know you will, Mom.) I am prepared with space to place said goodies. And for anyone else who visits--the valve covers are unique planters and valuable pieces of automotive artwork anyone would be proud to display on their windowsills.

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