Friday, February 8, 2008

Veggie Tales

With no TV one would expect that Abigail has little access to the Veggie Tale crew. One would be wrong! We do have a tiny 13-incher that allows us to watch videos and Chris to play a few games. But the key is not the 13 inch TV, rather it is the portable DVD player we bought to make the drives in from Michigan easier.

Most of our "Bob a Mato" movies are on DVD. There is one though "Where's God When I'm Scared?" that is a video. Abigail asks for it daily. Spends most of it nervous. And talks about it for a week. Something like this:

JR sared?
Yes, but he learned God will take care of him.
Cwy Danel bwions (cry Daniel lions.)
Yes, Daniel cried in the lions' den and God took care of him.
Repeat--six times.

Today she asked for "Cwy Danel bwions!" Why, why would she ask?!? What could possibly motivate me to say, "Yes."? I ask you. Would you say, "Yes."?

I think we will be going a different route today, maybe "Death, Destruction, and Mayhem--The Last Days." That won't be scary. That won't create a week's worth of worry amounting to hours of fussing at the prospect of bed. No, really, I'm leaning toward Cars.

For your viewing pleasure.

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