Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Temper Time-Out

Abigail is showing her temper more and more. She screams her disgust, rushes her opponent, and head-butts the nearest body part. It would be amusing if it didn't hurt. But it causes charley-horses in my thighs. She goes to time-out for such fits of rage. I have thought about spanking, but she can't hear anything at that point so letting her sit on the steps till she is finished raging is what I've got. And it works. When the tears are over I am met with a contrite child who is ready to talk to me.

I have to share a conversation that occurred last week after the rage, the charley-horse, and the time-out. I walked back to the steps to talk to Abigail.

She began, I sorry I beat you butt, Mommy.
Me: What?
Serious as could be, Abigail, I sorry I beat you butt, Mommy.
Me, attempting not to laugh, I forgive you. Abigail, it is OK for you to get angry but you must not hit when you are angry.

Hugs were exchanged and the morning continued with breakfast. I should note that "beat your butt" is not language used in out home to refer to discipline. Ahhh, what children will pick up as we live in the world no matter what we try to do to keep from being of the world.

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  1. I'm dealing with tantrums as well - I haven't decided what to do with three kids throwing one at the same time . . . but I think you've handled it well!