Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bits of Randomness

Today was our fire inspection. We passed. I am aggravated by the need for a fire inspection when the checklist clearly states that the social worker completes it and if there is a question about the safety of the home orders the fire inspection. Instead we had to have the fire chief come to walk through our house and circle Yes, No, or N/A. An utter waste of his time. He was a nice man, though.

I can't get stains out of Abigail's clothes. She and her friend played in sand. I washed her shirt five times using a variety of stain removal products and there is still the hint of sand in the shirt. Her friend's mom washed her daughter's shirt once with detergent and the dirt is all gone. A dress, first time worn, new, retains the dirt and possible fudge coating of an ice cream bar. I hang the clothes to dry in our basement so at least there is no dryer heat to set them before I catch them. Last night, I attempted to salvage a dress and shirt by soaking. We'll see. Any ideas?

I was scammed by a long distance carrier who switched our service for 12 days. I was angry. For once I didn't do the "nice" thing and give in, but insisted on what was right. I used words like immoral and unethical and fix this or I will contact the Better Business Bureau. It worked and instead of paying them the $6 I was willing to pay, we have to pay them nothing. As long as they actually pay our phone company. I am keeping their information because I don't trust them at all.

Deanne asked about the friendships I am forming with the family from the play date. That is going well. We have kept meeting and invited another lady and her three kids into the mix. We haven't met the last two weeks because 1) sick kids and 2) fire inspections. Another lady at church asked me if I might be interested in a Friday park day with her and some of her neighbors. We are excited to see how that goes.

Noelle asked for some clarification about out meeting on the 19th and what a longer while meant. The home study should be complete and approved. If Michigan will correct Chris's incorrect criminal background check and will send us our child abuse clearances. If we can get to Pittsburgh and prove that the internet courses have taught us CPR. The FBI clearances take 4-6 weeks so the receipt of fingerprint transmission is enough to get the home study approved. After that we wait. Until an expectant mother picks us we will wait. And once she chooses us, we will wait till the baby is born and placed with us. And after the baby is placed with us, we will wait till all the post-placement visits are complete and the courts finalize the adoption. Lots of waiting await us.


  1. I am thankful that you are finding and making friends! God is good, very good!!!

    About those stains.....have you tried the Oxy pre-wash spray? I have found that it works well. Although I have had to spray/wash/repeat a couple times to get some spots out, but at least it works! :)

    Wow. Lots of waiting in your home. Will continue to pray! Pray/wait/repeat :)

  2. I have used a stain cleaner called Zout! before--pretty good. Sara Steinke swears by Oxy clean powder in some water and soaking.

    Glad the friend thing is going better. See park on Fridays--sounds like a great plan.

    Know that we will be waiting with you. We will pray that the waiting doesn't seem too long for all of you. I love what Deanne said Pray/wait/repeat.

  3. Wow - that's a lot you have to accomplish for adoption!! I hope it all goes well for you.
    Yea for the friends, especially those with kids - I need to find some in Martinsville with young kids.
    Hang in there and hope you get the stains out, I have the same problem!