Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Need

We had to get the infant car seat out and installed for a car seat check. One of the new requirements for the adoption stuff. Abigail has been fascinated with this new seat in "her" car. Claiming she needs to sit in the seat and the reminders that the seat is for itty-bitty babies and she is too big keeps the adoption fresh in her mind too.

A conversation had in the van.

Abigail: Odder car seat. For iddy biddy.
Daddy: Yes that is for little babies.
Abigail: My brudder and my sisser.
Daddy: Yes for your brother or your sister.

Pause for adult conversation about getting a car seat for the car so we won't keep driving the van everywhere.

Me: Do you want to stop by Target and see if they have any seats that will convert to boosters?
Chris: Not tonight. Is that OK?

Abigail: Go Target!
Me: No not tonight.
Abigail: Go Target. My brudder and my sisser.
Daddy: No we can't get you brother or sister from Target.
Abigail: I need my brudder and my sisser.
Me: We don't get babies from Target.
Abigail: Go Target. My brudder and my sisser.

Me: Wait. We're getting a brother or a sister, not both.
Abigail: Yes, I sink so. Go Target. My brudder and my sisser.
Daddy: Abigail, God gives us brothers and sisters.
Abigail: In a little while.
Me: No, probably in a longer while.
Abigail: No, in a little while.
Me: We have to wait till God gives us a brother or sister. It will not happen before He wants it to or after He wants it to.

So at least she is excited. Everything is in place to be finished by the 19th so long as Michigan turns around the background checks as quickly as they say they will.


  1. Maybe Abby is being prophetic. Ok, maybe not. I guess that's kind of like wishing twins upon someone. :) Anyway, I'll continue to pray for you as you move along the adoption route and get closer to receiving that 'itty bitty baby' the Lord has for you. :)

  2. Abby sounds very excited! Kirk, Ella and I miss seeing how she's growing up!!!

  3. I like Abby's thinking. Target is the fix all to us Minnesotin's. We are pray for you all.

  4. Yea, but maybe you will get both :D Won't that be fun!!
    Hope everything works out smoothly and quickly, and before you know it you will be holding a little on in your arms again :)

  5. I am so glad Abby is already accepting the changes God will bring to your family. I cannot say if Katie would do the same since she has us all wraped around her finger. We miss you dearly and pray for your daily.

  6. Target is the best place!! I too am glad she is excited about the gift God is going to bring to your home. When you say everything on track for the 19th--you just mean paperwork being done. What comes next? How long of a wait until the little biddy one may come? I am not good at waiting blindly--I need a better defined "little longer". Love you guys and miss you so much. I am secretly praying you might be Carla's secret judges for the Amazing Race II this weekend--if not here in person--you will be in my heart and memory.