Monday, May 5, 2008

A Little of Everything

Mixed Media Monday

The Empty Pot by Demi is about a little boy who presents the empty truth to the Emperor at the end of a challenge to grow the prettiest plant. We got it from the library because it was multi-cultural and we don't know from what culture our next child will come. I read it to Abigail daily because I think the message is important. Perhaps we will buy this one.

The New American Kitchen Garden by Shepherd Ogden is a non-fiction book about creating a beautiful and functional garden. I am intrigued though we don't own a place to try it out. I borrowed if from my mom, so I know where to get it when the time comes.

Container Gardens by Barbara Pleasant with Doreen Howard and Betty Mackey is another non-fiction book. Since the rototill-ed kitchen garden won't work for me this year, I can plant some things in containers. Full of all the information I need to use totes for raising tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and whatever else I want. Another on lone from my mom.

There is a Higher Throne by Keith and Kristyn Getty They also wrote one of my favorites. I didn't know they had an album. I bought it and can listen to it over and over and over. I tried to find Across the Land my current favorite, but couldn't. Enjoy


  1. Okay, I am a few days behind in checking in. Many of us in SW Michigan are missing several of our friends that God has spread around.

    Oh, I laugh every time I drive by your old house now. Right in the front yard is a GIANT satelight dish for direct TV--I think how odd it is to see in your yard.

  2. I need the container garden book, this weekend I'm starting one!! Not that I don't have room for a garden, but I don't have the time to get the soil ready.
    Maybe next year - be sure to share progress on your garden if you start one!