Friday, May 30, 2008

Picture This

Is not usually associated with angel food cake.
Unless it is made by me for a dinner we were invited to.
with enough vanilla sauce and strawberries neighbors don't mind chewy.

Or they were being gracious, oh, no. . .


  1. Mmmmmm....looks good to me! Not sure if it is really possible to mess up such yumminess as what is pictured before me! I'd eat it and sincerely tell you it was awesome. Next time, bring it over to our house (you're welcome for dinner anytime!) :)

  2. I would have been happy for you to bring it to my house too. Just curious--was it high when you took it out of the oven?? If so, did you cool it upside down? I am sure you know all of this but thought I would ask and give you a response to a blog. Know that those reading your blogs--love you and value your open heart and spirit. Keep turning to God--I know you know that--proud of you

  3. The problem actually occurred when I said, "Abby, do you want to help Mommy make a cake?" The egg whites were deflated when a two year old got over zealous when dumping the flour in. Too much stirring.

  4. Oh, Sarah, I too have had a few of those precious cooking/baking moments when a little too much help has had the same results. But as you know, it was worth every moment to have been able to connect with our "gifts from God". This morning I enjoyed some moments of a different kind with Micah - we actually had fun @ Target, Meijer, etc. I just have to remember that they are indeed gifts & God only gives us good gifts!