Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I feel like a salmon. Swimming upstream to a peaceful place while torrents try to carry me in another direction. Leaping and jumping through and over obstacles while the world tries to bash me against the rocks.

The CPR/First Aid test was finished yesterday. We went to Pittsburgh for it. Now we wait for the cards and fill out a Transracial Adoption Questionnaire. Then the paperworking home study portion of the adoption should be done.

In time for us to look for a new house. Things at work have settled, at least for Chris, and he feels comfortable settling into a spot of our own. Couple that with news that our landlords are planning to add another tenant to the property and we are preparing to flee. So tonight we will be looking for houses.

Then there is the playing outside. The exercise, the quiet time, the cleaning, cooking and laundry. It is all conspiring to drown me. And really it is all my fault. I know that in order to feel more human and less fish, I need a rhythm. I need to know what to expect in some form from each day. I need to know when the refreshment is coming and when the toil is done. I haven't taken the time to look at my week and figure out the rhythm. I just know that this week is an up-tempo number and next looks the same. What is the term for slow and steady and relaxing?

I should say as I have complained to the blog-reading world that I am a great huge wimp. And half way through writing this I had to think of Mindi and all those other families who are missing a member deployed to a war far away. To you all I apologize for complaining.

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  1. No need to apologize :) We all feel the strains of life, and your weariness is no less valid than mine.
    But BOY do I feel your pain!!! I can't see the end, can't see the time to rest, I just seem to have more and more to do . . .