Monday, June 16, 2008

Sleepy Singing

Heard on a radio program:

You'll never know the last time you will read Good Night Moon till you've read it for the last time.

I should revise it:

I'll never know the last time I will sing Jesus Loves Me while rocking my girl before sleep till the last time I've done it.

Abigail has ceased to be interested in singing before sleep. Sitting and talking with her animals and dolls is the preferred pre-sleep activity. And I am left crying into little girl panties, and regretting all those times I resented the minutes she put off sleeping so I couldn't get on with my activity.

Oh Lord, remind me that my time with her is brief when I become impatient. Teach me to treasure the minutes she chooses me, before I must long to be seen by her.


  1. Aly has a book you should get, it is called, "Let Me Hold You Longer' by Karen Kingsbury. I bought it a couple of years ago and rarely can I read it without tears.


  2. A great reminder for all of us. I even see this in my mom who is here visiting--she is trying to "read Goodnight Moon" to me even now. I guess I need to be more understanding that way too while remembering to care for my girls too.