Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Six Cavities

Abigail has six cavities in her molars. Tomorrow she has to go to the dentist to have them filled. She has to be anesthetized for the procedure.

Tiny little girl with powerful medication coursing through her little veins forcing her to sleep while someone drills on her teeth and fills them with some chemical formulation designed to protect them from further decay.

Her family isn't dealing very well with the prospect. My mom and sister are coming up to drive us to and fro. Chris is going to be at work. . . worrying. I will read God Gave Us You, Jesus Is With You, and Just In Case You Ever Wonder before we leave just like I did before going to the Ladies' Retreat this past weekend. Trying to remember that she is loved by God and protected by Him far more than I can imagine.


  1. Ah, she's so little. It will be OK, she'll do great. I'll pray for you guys, it will probably be harder on you. Blessings.

  2. Oh no - how sad! I'll be praying for her, though I'm sure all will be fine.