Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Love that Pedometer

I have a new past time. Counting steps. I have had the pedometer for a while, but couldn't get it positioned quite right to give me even a remotely accurate count of steps. On a whim I decided to fish it back out and give it a try. 10,000 steps per day is optimal. About five miles. So I walked around and around and around our house counting my steps and checking the pedometer. I found the sweet spot and away I went.

Day 1 was last Tuesday. I sat funny resetting the thing after 6000+ steps and put it away in disgust. I probably would have had the 10,000 in, too.

Day 2 was Thursday. I admitted my disgust, no head wagging necessary. I walked 10,000 steps by 6:30 PM. WhoooHooo!

Day 3 was Friday. I got to 8000+. We didn't go for a family walk after Chris got home. I feel like blaming him. Actually I did put it on late and did more sitting.

Day 4 was Monday (yesterday). I walked 10,200 by 8:00 PM, but I put it on later in the morning. Those walks into town really help, and no more seated phone calls.

Day 5 , today. I felt awful, a periodically awful day! I walked 7000 odd steps.

I like this pedometer thing. When I see 10,000 (or even 7000 on an off day), I don't feel guilty for not getting on the treadmill or even really hating the idea of exercise. I feel like I am doing what my body was designed to do, and somehow that relates to glorifying the God who created said body. Though I may want to lose weight to adhere to what the world says is beauty or to comply with some mathematical formula on a chart telling me what healthy says, that little 10,000 frees me to enjoy this body with the extra lumps and bumps here and there.

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  1. Hmmm...I wonder what a pedometer would tell me? Do I want to know? :)