Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Chris and I keep getting a question, "Why are you looking for a home there?" From friends, from family, from acquaintances. I try to find the words to explain what the deepest parts of my heart are telling me. And, I might add, Chris's getting the same heart messages as well. But that is difficult to put words to.

We have looked elsewhere. Even tonight, we drove on the chance that this house doesn't become ours to look at others in other neighborhoods. Only one of the three was a remote possibility, but at 1000 square feet it would be a serious squeeze.

We feel like we have a greater purpose here, bigger than ourselves and our comfort. There is work to be done, ways to be involved.

But even to my ears these lack the conviction of our conviction. As I was thinking about it this evening, I was again reminded of Philippians 2, the humility chapter. What would Christ have answered if He were asked, "Why are you looking for a home there?" I think He would have answered, "The people."

Without equating myself at all with Christ and yet understanding that I am to be a reflection of Him, I think I found the answer to the question posed, "Why are you looking for a home there?" I will answer, "The people." They have been written on my heart, their dilemma my dilemma, their struggle my struggle. Their eternities bought with the same currency my eternity was bought with. I desire to stay because someone must tell them of the invaluable blood of a Savior paid for their admittance to heaven and their invitation to relationship with their Creator.

Why are you looking for a home there?

The people. The Savior. The message. Eternity.

Might I add that evangelism is not my gift, that speaking to others of a relationship with the Lord not something I am entirely comfortable with. I will need your prayers.


  1. I am excited for you, that you have a clear sense of the Lords call in your life right now. I'm excited to hear (read) how He will continue to lead you and how things work out. Yes, much prayer is needed indeed! :)

  2. Love your heart. Praying that it all works out and that you can reach an agreement or find another house.

  3. What faith. What a heart for the Lord. To here his call and not let the comforts for the word get in the way of that call. God is and will bless you for this faith. I'm praying. You go girl.