Monday, July 28, 2008


From Abigail, concerning our neighbors (the ones who currently are being evicted and blame us).

We forgot pway for J.

Wanting to go to sleep and disgusted by the whole situation, I respond faking real concern yet proud of Abigail's growing sensitivity to the things of God, You're right. We can still pray for J. Do you want to?

Imagine: Two-year-old assuming prayer position. Hands folded--grasping tightly. Eyes clenched closed wrinkling nose. Voice whispering.

Jesus, tank you for J and D1 and (looks at me for other sister's name.)


and D2. Pwease help J be healthy and kind. Pwease keep J safe. Tank you D2.

While I am disgusted that they blame us for their eviction despite the fact that they are being asked to leave because of their own decisions and I am frustrated that the children we loved and cared for and forgave throughout the year now won't even look at us,

my daughter in all her self-absorbed two-year oldness remembers to be kind, to be sensitive, to hope and pray for the best for her neighbors. And God whispers, Remember the least of these. This is why you are here. They too are my creation and I love them.

May my prayers for the remaining time they are our neighbors be as kind, gentle, loving, and faithful as Abigail's.

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