Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simplest Thanks

Update: I was informed that perhaps I needed to supply you with a bit more information. Yesterday at the park, Abigail fell on the bleachers and cut her head behind her right ear. Aside from reminding me that she can't have her hair washed (she thinks forever) she has forgotten the injury. And since she hates having her hair washed the stitches are a little gift.

the wise and gentle doctor

three little sutures holding skin together

friends to sing little girl songs

first aid kits in the car

courage and strength poured out

great big free shirts removed only for bath time

stickers, candy, and special drinks to soothe a troubled heart

park days and bleachers made fun

crayons found at the bottom of purses

a bath free of hair washes

races, stair jumping, and bed climbing--injury forgotten

one little girl


  1. Ok, Sarah, what did Abigail do? Remember I have 2 boys...both of whom have had stitches & a daughter and son that had casts on arms at the same time...nothing will surprise me! And yes, they do forget very quickly, only to repeat the exact thing that got them injured in the first place. Don't worry about the messes, they will always be there! I can have my house "somewhat" picked up, but 4 pm hits and the 3 come running in the door and chaos reigns...just repeat again the next day! Have a great day

  2. Take deep breathes, do what you can, and take time to notice the blessings intermingled with the chaos. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Miss you. Kiss the girl for me. Tell Chris hello. And continue to trust God!! Praying all the details will fall into place and the move goes well.

  3. Awww, poor Abigail! Hunter got stitches at 18 months? It was so tramautic. For ME!!